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Strong, durable and attractive Stones for your flooring

Personalised Marble Tiles

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We aim to provide high-class majestic marbles in an array of textures and shades at budget- friendly prices, without compromising on the quality.


Our grandiose granites have spectacular shining properties and are stain resistant and long-lasting. It comes in a wide range of colours to choose from.


Our quintessential quartz are not only your lifetime investment for flooring due to its durability but also because of it's scratch resistant property.

Sand-Lime Stone

We endeavour to export luxurious limestones in muted, earthy tones and diversified styles for your washroom, kitchen, living room or any other floorings.

Slate Stone

We have an assorted collection of stunning slates to adorn the floors of your dearest homes as well as commercial spaces.

All Time Favorite

Green Marble

Pork belly portland fingerstache pitchfork dreamcatcher, retro lo-fi deep v chillwave fixie kitsch bitters 

The Slate Stones In The House