Makrana Marbles – the Main Center of Marble

Makrana, the city located at the center of Rajasthan is known for its best quality marble all over India. It is a large town of Nagpur district of the state Jodhpur. Makrana marble is a high quality type of white marble used in sculpture and building décor.

Facts about Makrana marble
  • Makrana is best known for its contribution in the construction of the Taj Mahal, Birla temple of Jaipur, Victoria Memorial of Kolkata, and Jain temple of Delwara.
  • The marble from the town Makrana gets the Global Heritage Stone Resources status from International Union of Geological Sciences.
  • These types of marble are best for flooring, countertops as it has great luster.
  • It has high percentage of calcium and water resistance property that’s why it is widely preferred marble all over India. The water absorption of Makrana marble is said to be the lowest among all types of marble.
  • Makrana Produces the 19.10 million tones marble per year and approximately 40,000 laborers works in 900 mines in the several ranges of the Aravalli. The annual revenue from Makrana marble is approximately 10035 crore INR. This makes Makrana the richest municipality in the Rajasthan.
Types of Makrana Marbles
  • Makrana pure white marble – It is well known as “Sangemarmar”. It is the purest form of Markrana marble and doesn’t have any other color pattern on it. It is heat resistance, durable and becomes shinier with time and usage.
  • Dungri marble – This type of marble has grey pattern on white base. It is mostly used for flooring purpose.
  • Albeto white marble – This type of marble has black line pattern on white base. Albeta marble is greatly used to make mosques, temples and church in India and it is in great demand.
  • Makrana Pink marble – This type of marble has pink color pattern on white base. it is used for decorative purpose and flooring.

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